Budget and Annual Return


The Parish Council considers and approves its budget during December and January for the forthcoming financial year and decides what funds are required in order to carry out the business of the Council in serving the local community.

The Council also considers when and how much of the budgeted funds should be spent on any particular projects within the Parish. The forecast end of year carry-forward funds held by the Council is then off-set against the budget to leave the Precept amount; this is the amount required from South Staffordshire Council, collected on behalf of the Parish Council, from local tax payers via Council Tax.

For the Financial Year 2019/2020 the Parish Council has submitted a Precept Demand of £195,000 to support a budget expenditure of £325,812.

Annual Return

Please note that where there is an Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statement without a notice of a conclusion of audit, these statements have not yet been reviewed by the external auditor and therefore may be subject to change.

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