The Wom Brook Walk follows the Wom Brook stretching for about one and a half miles on either one or both banks, the walk is split into four sections: Pool House estate, Giggetty, Wombourne Village West and Wombourne Village East, it is possible to walk either one of the four sections or the whole walk.

Starting off on the western edge of Wombourne near the Pool House estate the walk begins in a small woodland before eventually opening up into grass land with mature trees such as oak and willow.

The walk runs through a housing estate, although in a small valley. Just before the Longford, walkers can cross or linger on a small bridge. Beyond the Longford, walkers are required to make a small diversion over the canal via a pavement to the Giggetty section.

The walk is then intersected by the South Staffordshire Railway Walk, and walkers must ascend and descend a series of paths to resume their way along the stream banks. This opens up the Wombourne Village West section, which initially goes through Ham Meadow. The meandering stream has a steep-sided valley throiugh the meadow, flanked by trees.

At Lower End, walkers cross the road into the Wombourne Village east section, with a mixture of open grassy area, giving views of the village centre, and denser woodland. Here it is possible to divert a little from the path to descend to the foot of Pool Dam, the site of an old forge mill. Finally, the eastern end of the walk is found near Rushford Bridge, which crosses the old Stafford-Worcester Road, now in the shadow of the A449 duel carriageway.